The Project at The Guggenheim!

Kind of :)

On Tuesday, June 27th, I'll be in conversation with Nancy Spector, chief curator of the Guggenheim, and the artist Nona Faustine as a part of the Guggenheim's series, "The Summer of Know".  It starts at 6:30PM.

We'll be talking about a number of things, and looking at the conversations around the Dana Schutz painting, Whiteness and White supremacy in culture and the art world, Basquiat and Defacement (of course!), and the complexity and hyper specificity of Nona's work on New York's history of slavery and Black womanhood. 

I've been a true fan of these women from afar for a minute, so it's so cool to be in conversation with them. This may seem a bit strange, but I think that the word to describe Nancy's and Nona's work is just breathless, because that's its effect. As an art studio and art history student, I've been so inspired by Nancy's seminal and defining curatorial work on Felix Gonzales-Torres, and her work on such provocative and avante garde artists.

Nona's work has been just as equally as flooring. I discovered her about two years ago when Elle shared a magnificent interview of her work, written by the very talented Ashley C. Ford ( a writer that you'll definitely want to look up). Her work is so searingly explicit, that it summons a courage that you either have to face or acknowledge your inability to do so. Nona's work is all about  erased histories, Black women, and using her body -- a large one wrapped in dark, Black skin -- to confront what hasn't been faced. 

If you're in New York City, it will be a great talk, and I would love to meet some of you that follow The Project in real life! I'll be staying after the talk in the Cafe area. Please let me know if you'll be there!

- Chaédria

P.S. I have gotten all of the emails about the Basquiat auction, I've just have been thinking of the best response to answer all of the grappling questions. I will post soon about that, and my apologies for not responding to every email.